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Music production capable of producing tracks that creates ‘that buzz’ for your projects is paramount to us. This is a tough industry but for the last 20+ years EDM (Electric Dance Music) has reached the outer limits never before seen. The Ibizas gave birth to the Miamis & the Amsterdams and right now things have never looked so rosy!
Of course, its not all about EDM and FTD is about much more. Music is for all ears. EDM has helped the paths in how we create. Creativity has never been better. FTD wants to help bring you a collective team of players that are passionate, professional and aim for the best each & every time.
We want to work with you to give your projects first-class production that delivers. Are you the talented bedroom producer waiting to shine? Or the established producer that needs to exercise his or her talents? To the talented vocalist that nobody knows about, to the established vocalist that needs to broaden their creativity, to the aspiring writer who knows they have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, to the established writer that wants to take their work further., we would love to hear what you have to offer the world!
Talk is cheap and everybody wants to be a producer, a remixer, a vocalist, a writer (if not you’re on the wrong site!). Hey you can even get a City & Guilds in DJing – priceless! But what does passion mean to you? Hard work and a goal of delivering quality should be your aim. If you expect to hit gold first time then you could be one of the lucky ones but determination & passion are all ticked boxes! If you have already had success and need to exercise some independence then this time is definitely for you!

Where we have come from

With 20 years of experience and a love for musical catalogue, we would love to hear what you are doing and what could be done to take your projects to the next level. All we ask is that you know why you are doing what you are doing and what you are really aiming for. Success does not mean fast cars and awards; it means accomplishing your aims & becoming popular. Finally The Day encompasses that very essence. Whatever you do it will happen, set your sights high & know what you want to achieve.
There is a whole new arena for the creative. New ways to distribute your music and new ways to promote your music. This really is YOUR time. Just because someone else says you do not fit the ‘look’ or your sound is not ‘palatable’ does not mean you have to give up. It means you must find the house that will work with you and that understands your music. FTD will listen to what you want to achieve. And rest assured, we will always aim high.
Email your ideas to us at: creativity@finallytheday.co.uk

Or feel free to contact us on: info@finallytheday.co.uk

If you have your angles created and you need the production to take it to the next level, please email us on: production@finallytheday.co.uk

Do the same things you enjoy, Constantly, More & more…
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